• Birth Concierge Services

  • We want to make the delivery of your baby special and unique. Birth Concierge Services has been created so families can have the desired birth experience without the worry of filling out extra paperwork.

    This consultation is a meeting between you, your support person and one of our experienced BirthPlace nurses.

    Your personalized Birth Concierge appointment will give you the opportunity to:

    • Complete all paperwork, including the initial birth certificate information

    •  Complete all pre-registration forms
    •  Share your preferences to help us individualize your birthing experience and let our Birth Place staff know how to best care for you.
    •  Get questions answered regarding what to expect when you come in for the delivery of your baby
    •  Tour of our beautiful, new BirthPlace

    We recommend scheduling your personalized consultation between 28 and 35 weeks into your pregnancy. Please call for an appointment as early as 25 weeks if you have special needs (i.e. multiple birth, medical problems). Appointments usually last about an hour.

    To schedule your Birth Concierge appointment, call 720-455-0355.

  • Birth Concierge

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