• Mission & Ministry

  • Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is proud to be a part of the Adventist Health System (AHS).

    AHS was founded on the belief that God intended us to enjoy both health and healing. In fact, the greatest amount of time that God spent here through His son, Jesus, was spent healing the sick. It is from this model that the Adventist Health System drew its inspiration to build hospitals around the globe where people could continue to extend His healing touch by meeting the needs of those who hurt.

    What makes us unique, as a hospital organization is two-fold:

    1. We see and treat each person as the Child of God that they are.
    2. We strive for whole-person care by considering the needs of the mind, body & spirit.

    What makes you unique is that you were created in the image of God, and it is our sacred opportunity to journey with you in sickness and health. We believe that you can benefit from premium care and healing when we incorporate optimum diagnostics and services in combination with care and compassion for your heart and soul.

    For more information about Spiritual Care Services at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, or to speak with a chaplain, please call 720-455-5000.

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