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  • Castle Rock Adventist Hospital's Wellness Philosophy follows the CREATION Health paradigm as explained by Des Cummings, Jr., PH.D. with Monica Reed, M.D. in their book "CREATION Health Discovery, God's Guide to Health and Harmony." The eight principals from the acronym CREATION hold the key to a better life through the process of healthy decision-making, which affects the whole person - mind, body and soul.

    C hoice
    R est
    E nvironment
    A ctivity
    T rust
    I nterpersonal relations
    O utlook
    N utrition

    This system is based on the original intentions God had for man and woman in the story of Creation as described in the Book of Genesis. One of the gifts God gave to Adam and Eve was full health - physical, mental, social and spiritual. These principals are the tools to living a long and happy life.


    The first step to CREATION, choice, begins with our conscious decision to follow God's plan for our lives. As humans, we will continuously make choices that fall short and set us off track but we will always have the ability to turn to God and ask for guidance. It is His strength and truth that set us straight, bringing us goodness and mercy along our path in life.


    Rest is designed as a way to refuel and give our bodies, as well as our minds, recovery from this fast-paced world. Following God's lead of resting on the seventh day, we are also to take time to rest our souls and refresh our bodies. There are many ways we can find rest in our world: sleep, proper breathing, imagination, vacations, laughter and quiet time with God.


    Our surroundings can affect all five of our senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound. While we cannot always change our environment, we can do our best to surround ourselves with things we love. We can clear out the clutter we tend to let build up and simplify our lives. The Garden of Eden was full of natural delights and our world is too. Fresh air, green grass, the gentle touch of a friend, the sound of birds singing - there is always something glorious to appreciate and thank God for - sometimes we just need to take the time to see it.


    Activity keeps our bodies strong and our minds alert. It was God's intention that we fill our days with joyful adventures, getting out, using our muscles and making the most of our abilities. Medically, activity is shown to improve our overall health. We look and feel better when we are active and we are able to do more in our lives with an able body.


    Our beliefs and trust in God can ease our tensions and improve our health. Faith in God's plan allows for us to remain calm in times of trial. Our faith helps us know that we are loved and have good things to come. Trust gives us the power to fight off fear and the many negative results of feeling threatened or scared.

    Interpersonal Relationships

    God saw that it was not good for Adam to be alone, and we too need others to help us through our own lives. Interpersonal relationships give us a support system during our difficult times and allow for us to be there for others when they are in need. Because we are all human, no one of us will ever be perfect and we will always disappoint one another. Thankfully, God has given us a toolbox for relationships - inside we can find grace, love, truth and time - many of the same tools God uses with us.


    Our view from the inside out creates our perspective on life. We have the choice to look at things with a positive light and to be thankful in our times of trial. The mind and body have been proven to influence one another - a healthy outlook can contribute to good health. We cannot change others but we can always change ourselves.

    First, look for the good.
    Second, learn to forgive.
    Finally, take responsibility.


    What we put inside our bodies will shape our health over time. Healthy eating should be a way of life, eliminating the need for diets or short-term fixes. As Edward Stanley said, "Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness." Small improvements can make a big impact over time.

    For more information on CREATION Health, visit http://www.creationhealth.tv/

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