• What do Adventists believe?

  • Like many Christians, Adventists believe that as people come to know God, they will find His love irresistible. That the Bible is the road map to knowing God, and that knowing God will lead one to serve others with compassion. This forms the basis for their work in health care, and shapes their belief that God desires people to live life abundantly. Adventists hope that by attending to the physical, mental and spiritual health of those they serve, they can help them find greater joy, peace and hope.

    In addition, the Seventh-day Adventist name identifies two additional beliefs that are important to them. One is their belief in the advent - the coming of Christ at the incarnation, and the return of Jesus to take His loved ones to Heaven, where there will be no more sin and suffering.  

    The second is the sacred nature of the Sabbath, which they observe on Saturday, the seventh day. By setting aside their weekly routine of work on this day, they are free to partake of a welcomed weekly cycle of restoration and renewal that allows them to attend to their spiritual lives in a less hurried and distracted manner. Of course, within Adventist hospitals all essential medical services continue to be offered on Saturdays, but they do set aside work that is unessential to patient care, to allow their staff to partake of this blessing. Learn more about what Adventists believe.

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