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    Activity is the fourth guiding principle of the CREATION Health Lifestyle and includes both mental and physical movement and development. The mind and body are intimately connected. A fit mind promotes a fit body, and a fit body promotes a fit mind.

    In other words, you will get the best performance from your mind when you regularly exercise your body, and you will get more from your body when you regularly exercise your mind. It's that simple.

    Planned positive mental activity allows one to embrace and enjoy chances to learn. It helps keep one open-minded and accepting of others, as opposed to being closed and judgmental. It helps one show respect and curiosity for other ideas without feeling a need to conform. It also provides confidence when confronted with unfamiliar situations, facts, and figures.1

    Participating in regular physical activity will provide the nourishment and oxygen your body needs and give you great rewards such as a healthier life full of energy and vitality. You can gain the best results from your physical activity by incorporating moderate and vigorous levels of activity, interval and intermittent physical activity, and don't forget rest. Also, regularly including strength training helps keep you standing and moving strong.

    Activity is a powerful way to grow, feel great, keep healthy, and thrive! Take time every day to grow your brain by doing positive activity and eating healthy food.

    CREATION Health is a faith-based health and wellness program that takes a holistic approach to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Transform your life with God's prescription for wellness and live life to the fullest.

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