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  • Influenza and Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

    Based on the current influenza activity in the community we are not restricting visitors from entering the hospital at this time.  For those visitors that are sick and experiencing symptoms we ask that you avoid the hospital for visitation purposes or wear a surgical mask while in the hospital. Surgical masks can be found at the main entrance, by the elevators on each floor and throughout the hospital. Use of this mask can help prevent the transmission of illness to other patients and staff. Also, we ask that you wash your hands often or used the hand sanitizer provided to avoid getting others sick. For those wishing to visit our neonatal intensive care unit please know that no sick visitors will be permitted for the safety of our tiniest patients.

    People at High Risk for Influenza and Influenza-Related Complications

    A majority of people who get an influenza infection will experience a mild illness and will not need to seek medical care.  The typical recovery period can be between 1-2 weeks.  However, some people will experience influenza-related complications that do require hospitalization. Influenza-related complications can include pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections and ear infections. For people who have chronic health problems like asthma, lung disease or heart disease, an influenza infection can actually make these problems worse.

    The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified groups of people at high risk for developing influenza-related complications.  This includes children younger than age 5, especially those under 2 years of age, adults aged 65 years or older, and pregnant women.

    If you are concerned about the severity of your influenza symptoms, make a visit to your physician's office.  To learn more about influenza please visit CDC's website.

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