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  • Learn more about important health topics, ways to keep you and your family in good condition, and meet some of the physicians that make Castle Rock Adventist Hospital one of the best hospitals in the region in Elevate, Castle Rock's new quarterly health magazine.

    Elevate Fall 2016

    Fall 2016

    Read about new research that is helping lung cancer patients, advancements in ankle replacements, tips for when antibiotics are right for kids, how small steps can stop prediabetes and myths about menopause. Read more

    Summer 2016

    Read how to determine if you child has a bellyache or something else, how to determine if you symptoms signal a trip to the ER, what are options for labor pain and how to help young athletes avoid injury. Read more

    Spring 2016

    Read about benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, tips for living on the bright side, sleep your way to better health, when to look deeper into health issues, how to solve the weight loss puzzle and information on how to decide when you are a candidate for surgery. Read more

    Winter 2016

    Is your heart aging faster than you? Learn how you can lower your heart disease risk, how colorectal cancer screenings can prevent colon cancer or detect it in an early, treatable stage, and an innovative program that allows emergency patients get faster care while new birthing suites offer concierge for newborns. Read more

  • Elevate Fall 2015

    Read how a man suffering from a pulmonary embolism was misdiagnosed twice before the team at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital saved his life; how hybrid ablation is the ideal treatment option for some with atrial fibrillation; how 3-D technology is the latest advancement in breast cancer screenings. Read more

    Elevate Summer 2015

    Elevate Summer 2015

    Learn what you can do to protect your skin as you age; how gynecologic cancer survival rates are on the rise and how early detection is key; the truth about mesh use for hernia surgery; how to know when it's the right time for herniated disc surgery. Read more

    Elevate Spring 2015

    Read about the new clinic that helps you deal with the root cause of back pain; what IT-band syndrome is and how to beat it; have a healthy spring; be your best with plastic surgery and take control with helpful hints for incontinence, laparoscopy and breast cancer prevention in this quarterly magazine celebrating health in CO. Read more

    Elevate Winter 2015

    Learn how to prevent knee ligament injuries without giving up your favorite winter sports, which common winter respiratory problems can be helped with antibiotics and which can't, how concussions can have long-term effects, how advancements in radiation therapy have led to fewer side effects for cancer patients, and what you can do to help relieve hot flashes caused by menopause in this quarterly magazine celebrating health in CO. Read more

  • Spring 2014

    Shouldering through pain? Exercises and early treatment can keep your shoulders in winning shape. Read on putting allergies to rest, and the goods on Gluten. Interested in weight loss surgery? Read on how one woman used bariatric surgery as a stepping stone to begin a more active lifestyle. All in our Spring 2014 issue of Elevate.

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    Winter 2014

    Roll into a healthy new year, small choices reap huge rewards in your physical, mental, and emotional health. Grow stronger at Castle Rock Adventist Center for Rehabilitation through physical, occupational, and speech therapy all under one roof. Saving a solider, the abc's of finding a PCP, and relief at last in the Winter 2014 issue of Elevate .

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