• Diabetes Care

  • Outpatient Education Classes

    Diabetes Education

    Sessions designed for individuals with a diagnosis of diabetes in order to manage challenges related to diet, medications, blood glucose monitoring and physical activity.

    Gestational Diabetes Education

    Individual sessions designed for mothers-to-be and their partners to share experiences an learn together how to manage diabetes during pregnancy. We will provide a glucometer and you will learn how to monitor blood sugars and develop plans to balance food and activity level.


    Instruction on diet to aid in the treatment of renal disorders such as: Chronic Kidney Disease, nephrotic syndrome, and dialysis.

    Cardiovascular Health

    Instruction on diet as it relates to heart health: dyslipidemia (high cholesterol, high triglycerides), high blood pressure, CHF, etc.

    Weight Management

    Provide tools, strategies, and instruction on diet and physical activity to promote weight loss or weight gain.

    Individual Nutrition Counseling

    A physician's referral is required:

    • 720-455-1111 (call to enroll)
    • 720-455-1131 (fax)


    • Diabetes Self-Management Patient Education Class
    • Insulin Education Class
    • Diabetic Injectable - Not Insulin Administration Class



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