• Pediatric Emergency Care

  • Pediatric Emergency Care

    Pediatric Emergency Care In Your Neighborhood

    Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offers 24/7 pediatric emergency services in its main emergency room, located just west of the Outlets at Castle Rock off of Meadows Parkway. Our ER nurses and board-certified physicians take extra care in making you and your child feel comfortable, keeping you informed every step of the way while helping your child feel at ease. All children who visit Castle Rock Adventist Hospital ER receive a blanket from Project Linus to provide an extra sense of security and to help your child feel as relaxed as possible. We also treat our pediatric patients as quickly as possible, with ER wait times well under local averages.

    Care and Compassion for Your Children

    Kids are special and they deserve special treatment. In our kid-friendly ER each child receives a blanket, backpack and stuffed toy, to help take their mind off of being in an ER. We love our patients and we want our kids to be at ease while receiving care.

    Partnering With Parents and Pediatricians

    Our expertise in treating pediatric patients and our compassionate pediatric emergency care make for the best combination of pediatric emergency services in Castle Rock. And our pediatric care doesn’t stop the minute you and your child leave our ER. We partner with parents to ensure that you understand your child’s condition and the specific recommendations for treatment. From dosage instructions to techniques to stay calm if your child’s condition worsens, we educate you so that you feel confident to support your child’s health needs.

    Whether your child is admitted to the hospital or discharged home, we work closely with your pediatrician, primary care provider, and/or pediatric specialist to ensure that your child receives follow-up care. We also provide referrals for pediatricians or specialists. 

    At Castle Rock Adventist Hospital ER, we understand that your worries don’t end when you leave our ER. We call you 48 to 72 hours after your child’s visit to our ER to check in on your child, answer any questions you may have, and ensure that follow-up care has been arranged.

    Inpatient Pediatric Care

    If your child needs to be admitted to the hospital, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offers exceptional inpatient pediatric care close to your home. Being a short drive from the hospital can save you and your family unnecessary travel time while your child receives high quality inpatient care for his or her injury or illness. Our board-certified pediatricians and highly skilled pediatric nurses closely monitor your child, and should a complex situation arise, we can promptly transfer your child to another facility via helicopter.

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