• As the largest joint in the body, the hip is crucial to movement and living your active life. The hip joint is essentially a ball and socket joint that is made up of the pelvis and the femur. These bones are lined with articular cartilage, which allows for shock absorption and smooth, fluid movement.

    If you have a hip condition or are experiencing hip pain in Castle Rock, CO, the orthopedic experts at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital can help you restore your movement and freedom with a hip replacement.

    Causes of Hip Pain

    The hip is made up of a complex set of tendons and ligaments, as well as a ball-and-socket joint. This means that pain in the hip area can be caused by a multitude of reasons, including these types based on location:

    • Pain on the inside or groin area is usually caused by an injury to the hip joint
    • Pain on the buttock, upper thigh or outside of the hip can be caused by tendon or ligament problems.

    Pain near the hip can also be due to broken hip bones, back or knee problems, arthritis, osteonecrosis (bone death) and hip fractures.

    Treating Hip Pain with Total Hip Replacement in Castle Rock, CO

    If your hip pain doesn’t respond to conservative management with anti-inflammatory medications or corticosteroid injections, your doctor at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital may recommend hip replacement surgery.

    A hip replacement or arthroplasty will involve an orthopedic surgeon removing the ball part of the hip joint and the receiving socket lining and replacing them with artificial materials made to withstand extended wear and tear. Most patients see an improvement in their hip movement following a hip replacement.

    Anterior Hip Replacement

    We also offer anterior hip replacement in Castle Rock, which uses an anterior approach to the front of the hip joint, as opposed to a lateral or side approach. Our surgeons can utilize a Hana® Table to provide a more minimally invasive alternative to hip replacement.

    Learn more about how you can improve your health and conquer hip pain with a hip replacement at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital by contacting us online.

    Castle Rock Adventist Hospital offers exceptional orthopedic care, including hip replacements, in Castle Rock, CO through Centura Health.

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