• Helping Patients Prevent Sports Injuries in Castle Rock, CO

  • At Castle Rock Adventist Hospital, it’s our goal to help you do the things you love, no matter your age or health status. We encourage our patients to enjoy an active lifestyle by offering resources for sports injury prevention in Castle Rock, CO. Follow our tips below to stay safe and strong while playing your favorite sports, or use the Request More Information button above to learn more about our orthopedic program.

    Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

    Many sports-related injuries can be prevented with these simple tips:

    • Warm up your muscles before you start your main activity. Marching or jogging in place and dynamic stretching will loosen your muscles and prepare them for more intense work
    • Stretch after your workout to help improve flexibility and range of motion, as well as reduce post-exercise muscle soreness.
    • Include at least a day of rest in your workout routine. This will give your muscles time to rebuild and your body time to replenish its energy stores.
    • Wear the appropriate gear and equipment to protect yourself during your activity. Helmets are a must for cycling, skating and downhill skiing. Make sure you and your little athletes have the proper pads (ankle, knee, wrist) for specific sports. For runners and hikers, good shoes and socks can help prevent ankle injuries, stress fractures and blisters.
    • Drink plenty of water before and after you exercise (and during, if you’re able). Proper hydration replaces the fluids you lose through perspiration, helps regulate your body temperature and keeps your joints lubricated.

    Wellness Programs at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

    Our mission at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is not just to care for you when you are injured, but to also support you and your family in maintaining good health. With this philosophy in mind, we created a health campus with an extensive array of wellness programs in Castle Rock. 

    Some of our wellness offerings include:

    • CREATION Health, a scientifically proven approach to health that is at the heart of Castle Rock Adventist Hospital’s wellness programs
    • Organized bike rides with the 6202 Cycling Club — some that leave right from our campus
    • Free use of our bright-green cruisers during the warmer months through our Free Cycle program, and free snowshoe rentals during the winter
    • Running clubs with group runs and training programs
    • Healthy cooking classes and community garden plots to provide good nutrition to fuel your activities

    Find your balance with sports and health by relying on our expert team at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. Contact us online to find the right wellness program for you.

    Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is proud to offer sports injury prevention and a variety of wellness programs in Castle Rock, CO.

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