• Each year, more than 15 million people seek treatment for knee pain. The knee is often the cause of pain because it bears all of our body weight and must bend and rotate continuously throughout the day to accommodate our movements.

    For an answer to your knee pain or knee injury, look to the orthopedic experts at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital for knee replacements in Castle Rock, CO.

    Common Knee Conditions

    The knee is the most commonly injured part of our body with injuries resulting from:

    • Soft tissue strains and tears
    • Chronic illnesses, such as arthritis
    • Infections

    Although arthritis can run in families, most arthritis is due to a lifetime of wear and tear on the knees. Some other known causes include previous injuries or obesity. With knee arthritis, patients often find it difficult to go up or down stairs, walk distances or get up from low seats, and there can be associated swelling, stiffness or a feeling of instability.

    Effective Knee Replacement Surgery at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

    If you have chronic knee pain in Castle Rock, we can help give you lasting relief with knee replacement surgery.

    Knee replacement surgery, also called knee arthroplasty, is one of the most successful elective surgeries practiced today, and there are more than 265,000 total knee replacements performed annually in the US (according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons).

    The surgery involves replacing severely damaged cartilage tissue with a prosthesis made of metal and plastic that duplicates the function of the knee joint. This is typically done through an incision down the center of the knee. Knee arthroplasty is a way of performing the surgery through an incision that is only four to six inches in length, with potentially less damage to the tissue around the knee.

    Among patients having knee replacement surgery, 90 to 95 percent enjoy freedom from pain and improved mobility up to 15 years post-surgery.

    To learn more or to see if you’re a good candidate for knee replacement surgery in Castle Rock, contacting us online.

    Dr. Sanchez on Knee Replacement

    As a part of Centura Health, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital provides a specialty in knee replacements for patients in Castle Rock, CO and surrounding areas.

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