• Speech - Language Pathology

  • With a focus on communication and swallowing disorders, the speech-language pathologists at Castle Rock Adventist Center for Rehabilitation begin each patient's care with a comprehensive initial screening.

    A thorough assessment and diagnosis helps our experts then develop a customized plan including the best intervention, treatment, and management. We also provide counseling and other follow-up services for some of the most common speech-language disorders.

    Diagnoses we treat include:

    • Accent reduction program to improve communication for people with accents
    • Augmentative/alternative communication for nonverbal clients, often using technology and adaptive devices
    • Cognitive therapy to improve memory, attention, processing, problem solving, and executive functioning
    • Language therapy to improve developmental delays or language impairments due to neurological events
    • Speech therapy for articulation disorders and patients affected by surgery, trauma, cancer or neurological conditions
    • Swallowing therapy including Modified Barium Swallow Studies to measure swallowing impairment, and electrical stimulation technology treatments for swallowing impairments
    • Voice therapy

    To schedule an appointment, call 720-455-3700

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