• Milk Depot

  • Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is now a community Milk Depot

    What is a Milk Depot?

    A Donation & Outreach Center or Milk Depot is a healthcare or community facility affiliated with Mothers’ Milk Bank that collects and stores raw frozen milk, draws donors’ blood for screening, and delivers the donor milk to Mothers Milk Bank.

    • Who is likely to qualify as a donor
    • A person in good health
    • A person that is a non-smoker
    • A person that is not taking medications on a regular basis
    • A person that has an abundant amount of milk

    The donors will collect their milk in storage bags provided by the Mothers Milk Bank.  Each bag must be clearly marked with the donor’s name and donor number and the date the milk was collected.  Each donor’s milk should be placed in a plastic bag and tied shut so that no containers of milk can escape from the bag.

    Why would a baby need donated breastmilk?

    A mom who gives birth prematurely may experience a delay in her milk coming in. Or a mom whose baby is too sick or too immature to breastfeed may not be able to express enough milk. 

    Babies who are ill or are premature are cared for in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) or special care baby units. A baby being cared for in hospital may receive donated milk for a few days or weeks until he can be fed with enough milk from his mom.

    Please call the Lactation Department at 720-455-0355 to schedule an appointment to have your blood drawn.

    Drop off times will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-3pm.

    Donors can come directly to the 3rd floor Labor and Delivery and give donations to the Lactation Department or the Nurses.

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