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  • Free Vein Screening Event on July 12 from 4-6pm at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital. Call 720-455-0661 to schedule your free ultrasound screening.

    More than 190 million people have varicose veins globally.

    More than 30 million people are affected in the United States

    Only 1.9 million people seek treatment annually in the United States

    Vein Care Center Logo 300x52Venous reflux or vein disease occurs when the valves that help carry blood from the legs to the heart no longer function, causing the blood to pool in the legs.  This reflux causes veins to expand, lose form, protrude from beneath the skin and develop into varicose veins.

    Varicose Veins

    Varicose veins are often misunderstood as simply a cosmetic issue, but when left untreated, can progress into a more serious condition of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)

    Many factors contribute to the presence of varicose veins:

    • Age – 40+
    • Gender
    • Family history
    • Heavy lifting
    • Multiple pregnancies
    • Obesity
    • Prolonged standing

    Treatment solutions

    Dr. Jinnah Phillips 2003x300

    Jinnah Phillips, MD

    With a simple ultrasound screening, our vein specialist, Dr. Jinnah Phillips can diagnose and share various options for treatment of varicose veins.  Many of these procedures are painless and can be performed as an outpatient at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital.

    To schedule an appointment:

    1. Call 720-455-1111

    2. Do not choose option 1.  Wait to be connected to central scheduling.  You may press 3 to bypass the message. 

    3. Tell the scheduler that you need to schedule an appointment for the Vein Program at Castle Rock. In general, the schedulers do not schedule appointments for doctors, so you need to ask for the Vein Clinic, not Dr. Phillips.

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